As product manufacturers we recognize the importance for your brand to stay ahead of current market trends and demands.  With the recent and seeming continued changes in legislations a lot of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and personal care product brands have been caught off guard and left with a gap to fill for a product category in extreme demand.

BPLLC’s industrial private label program can help your brand regain market inclusion in a short stroke of time. 

Current products available immediately for your brand are:

Tinctures 30ml/1oz

  • 250mg/30ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual
  • 500mg/30ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual
  • 1000mg/30ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual
  • 2500mg/30ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual

Tinctures 60ml/2oz

  • 100mg/60ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual
  • 250mg/60ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual
  • 500mg/60ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual
  • 1000mg/60ml CBD OIL (Drip/Spray) Sublingual

Capsules Tablets and Gummies

  • 900mg/30ct CBD PILLS Capsules
  • 300mg/30ct CBD PILLS Tablets
  • 300mg CBD, 75mg Melatonin /30ct Sleep Aid Gummies
  • 300mg/30ct CBD Daily Multivitamin Gummies
  • 25mg/30ct Pure Hemp Protein Tablets

Lip Balms

  • CBD 10mg/10ml Lip Balm Vanilla
  • CBD 10mg/10ml Lip Balm Bacon
  • CBD 10mg/10ml Lip Balm Honey
  • CBD 10mg/10ml Lip Balm Mixed Berries

Pain Relieving Ointment

  • 10mg/120ml CBD Pain Reliving Ointment (cream) Topical
  • 1.25mg/15ml CBD Pain Reliving Ointment (cream) Topical

Hemp Protein

  • 225g/15ser 100% Pure Hemp Protein Powder

E-Liquids (no nicotine)

  • 30mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Vanilla
  • 30mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Blueberry
  • 30mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Strawberry
  • 30mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Watermelon
  • 45mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Vanilla
  • 45mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Blueberry
  • 45mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Strawberry
  • 45mg/10ml CBD VAPE OIL Watermelon

Private Label

The Concept

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At Bioprocessing LLC our main goal is to produce the most potent, highest quality, purest cannabidiol products available on the market at the most affordable prices.  And our primary focus is to get our products to those who need it in a swift, economical and efficient way.

With satisfactory evidence of market viability BPLLC will work with your brand experts to formulate additional products not specified above.  In addition to these options BPLLC can also utilize your specified packages and containers to further integrate your brand.

For additional information fill out a request for information and one of our branding experts will contact you soon.  For immediate consideration please download the white label application below complete and return.  We want to learn about your brand.