At BPLLC, our quality control and service is now, and will continue to be second to none. It is our commitment to service your CBD business needs economically and in a timely fashion

The BPLLC process for accepting new retail associates is simplified and will quickly get you and your stores on the way to profits in the shortest possible time.  In order for us to establish a proper working relationship with a retailer, they must meet certain criteria as follows:

  • Licensing: The business or sole proprietors must have an active license in accordance with state and federal requirements for their location. A current reseller’s license, EIN and SS# are required.
  • The Business: It is best for the company to be in a compatible industry with CBD products, such as but not limited to; Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals or Nutraceuticals. 

Please download, complete and return our reseller's application, bellow, to start the process.  We will notify you if additional information is required.  We will have an answer for you within three business days.  Upon approval you will receive a link to the wholesale pricing and reseller terms.

We at Bioprocessing LLC (BPLLC) truly appreciate you having an interest being a Preferred Retailer of our CBD products. We hope this process is informative and will help you make the decision to join the BPLLC family. 

BPLLC is a Florida based manufacturer of approximately 30 CBD products as well as a Design/Build manufacturing company of Hybrid Critical and Super Critical CO2 Reactors used to extract CBD.

Cannabidiol Retailer

Wholesale Programs

Brick and mortar, online store or both, we have a plan for you.  We work close with retailers nationwide in meeting their customers demands.